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Waiter call, pick up call, table tracking

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Your app for waiter calls, pick up calls and table tracking

Waiter call 

Reduced waiting times – happier guests
Place the CONNECT IDs on the tables and your employees are always there where service is required.
The operation of the IDs is intuitive via the capacitive touch buttons for service calls and payment by EC card/cash. The call is transmitted directly to the service staff through the connection with the POS PC or the smartphone/tablet.
You are also welcome to use our “Time-to-Service” option to evaluate the average waiting time of your guests.

Would you like an ID with your own text and in your design?
No problem! We would be happy to create customized IDs according to your wishes. You can assign up to 6 buttons.

Table tracking 

Combined IDs and pagers enable intelligent table tracking
For example, if the guests order at a counter, give them a pager. The pager is automatically linked to the ID of the table at which the guest is seated. In the dashboard, the waiter can see the order and to which table he is supposed to bring the food/drinks.

Classic pick up call

Lower number of employees in service through self-pick-up at a sales counter
The guest receives a pager when placing an order. When his order is ready, notify him with just one click – his pager vibrates, flashes and emits an acoustic signal that can also be heard in noisy surroundings.

No work in parallel systems!
Easy connection to your cash register software!

For even more convenient use, you can integrate CONNECT quickly and easily into your existing system.


CONNECT in action 

Watch the video now and see CONNECT in action!

Your app for measuring guest satisfaction 

Give your guests a voice

Are they satisfied with the service, the food, the waiting time? Where is room for improvement? With CONNECT you record the restaurant experience in real time and directly on site.

Define escalation routines

Receive a notification when a self-defined number of poor evaluations is reached and have the opportunity to directly address reported issues, for example in the area of sanitary facilities.

Our portfolio already includes a large selection of CONNECT IDs for various applications. Is your dream scenario not included? Would you like an ID with your own text, logo and design?
No problem! We would be happy to create customized IDs for you. Alternatively, you can also use our ID stand for changing, own questions.

Comprehensive reporting

By collecting and evaluating the data, thanks to our reporting you get a comprehensive insight. With CONNECT you also have the possibility of comparing several locations directly with one another.

Identify weaknesses, test measures and turn feedback into measurable improvements in customer satisfaction!

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