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What is ratiotec CONNECT?

ratiotec CONNECT is a wireless infrastructure based on Bluetooth mesh.

Tailored to your individual needs, it offers diverse, combinable application options and makes almost every process more efficient.

What makes our system better

Months of battery life

Infrequent charging of the components thanks to Bluetooth low energy and Mesh technology

No installation effort

Get started right away thanks to Plug & Play

High ranges and scalability

With the help of our CONNECT Repeaters, even large ranges are covered and we achieve unique scalability

No work in parallel systems

Integration into your existing system, e.g. cash register software, via REST interface or web socket possible

High security

Private, enclosed network:
Our CONNECT Box processes all data securely, invisible to third parties and directly on site

No internet connection necessary

Flexible modular system without installation effort

You set up only one system and can configure it yourself depending on the application and easily expand it as part of a modular system.

It’s that easy:

Set up the system
Activate the app in the CONNECT Interface
Add hardware via smartphone
Get started!

The CONNECT infrastructure

Our CONNECT infrastructure is based on a scalable, mesh-capable Bluetooth network. Through the combined, flexible use with WLAN and RF-based network components, we offer solutions for various scenarios.

Base and control unit of the system is the CONNECT Box, which builds up the main network.

The remaining hardware depends on the desired application (e.g. a CONNECT ID to measure satisfaction) and the local conditions (e.g. use of repeaters if you want to use CONNECT over a large area or long distances have to be bridged).

With a smartphone, tablet or PC, access to the CONNECT Box is possible at any time and from anywhere.

About us

As a medium-sized electronics company, we, ratiotec GmbH & Co. KG, have been developing sensors and electronic products for almost 20 years.

In addition to consulting and development, our portfolio of services also includes the production of the developed solutions at competitive prices, as well as customized software and electronics that are tailored to the needs of our customers.

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