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Optimize your processes

with ratiotec CONNECT

The customer in focus

Recognize customer needs and fulfill performance promises in a sustainable, scalable way. Every day!
With CONNECT you reach a new level of performance.

Service on point

Unobtrusive and there when service is required. With CONNECT, your employees are very close to the customer.

Satisfied employees

Satisfied employees are the basis for the best service. With CONNECT you measure the working atmosphere in your company every day.

Optimized Workflows

Efficient and automated business processes create space and time for your core business.

Discover the
great opportunities of the Internet of Things

The CONNECT IoT system enables you to structure, automate and network your operational processes more efficiently.

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Order something else? Would you like an invoice? The customer presses the CONNECT ID and the waiter receives an information immediately.
Classic pick-up calls via pager and smart table tracking are also possible with CONNECT.

No missed orders, shorter waiting times and happier guests! Increase turnover per guest / table and frequency with CONNECT.

Personnel deployment planning can also be optimized thanks to our reporting.
Is the guest satisfied with the service, the food or the buffet selection? Give it a voice – with the CONNECT ID! Here you can be sure that the reviews come directly from your guests on site and that the satisfaction can optionally even be displayed on your website.


CONNECT waiting room management: Our intelligent pagers help you to conveniently and discreetly call your patients. The CONNECT dashboard gives you a perfect overview of your waiting patients including waiting time.

Avoid crowded waiting rooms! The paging system also works beyond your practice rooms, so that patients can spend the waiting time in the park or in neighboring shops.

State-of-the-art tracking enables workflows to be monitored so that you are always informed which treatment stations your patient has already passed through.


Unobtrusively and immediately there when service is required – With CONNECT, your employees are very close to the customer.

Need advice? Didn’t find the right size? One push of a button and support is on the way.

With the Satisfaction IDs you can find out how satisfied your customers are, e.g. with service or product range are and can intervene in good time thanks to a self-defined escalation routine.


CONNECT can be used in numerous areas and supports you in identifying problems at an early stage.

Are your employees satisfied? CONNECT measures the working atmosphere in your company anonymously on a daily basis.

CONNECT also has an application ready for cleaning management in your sanitary facilities or cold chain monitoring.

CONNECT Gastronomy

Optimized workforce planning, increasing frequency and sales –
Take a look at our latest video and discover the possibilities CONNECT also offers for your catering business.

Another business? No problem!

CONNECT can be used in many industries. In a free first consultation we will find out together how ratiotec CONNECT can improve the performance in your company.


One system – numerous applications

Without any tedious installation effort! With CONNECT we have succeeded in creating a comprehensive range of solutions. You only set up one system and can configure and expand it yourself depending on the application.

CONNECT Web Interface

Our intuitive web interface gives you an overview of your entire CONNECT system. Here you control and monitor your processes and have access to reporting.


One product, a thousand faces! CONNECT ID is the flexible interface for communication with customers and employees. Discover the countless possible uses.


Call waiting patients or inform the guest in the restaurant that they can pick up their order? Our intelligent CONNECT pagers are versatile and, in combination with the ID, even enable smart table tracking.

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