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Optimize your processes

with ratiotec CONNECT

Focus on the customer

Identifying customer needs and fulfilling performance promises in a sustainable and scalable manner. With CONNECT you reach a new performance level.

Service on point

Unobtrusive and immediately available when service is required. With CONNECT your employees are very close to the customer.

Satisfied employees

Satisfied employees are the basis for best customer service. With CONNECT you measure the working atmosphere in your company every day.

Optimized workflows

Efficient and automated business processes create space and time for your core business: creating a unique customer experience.

ratiotec CONNECT

ratiotec CONNECT is a wireless infrastructure. Tailored to your individual needs, it offers diverse, combinable application options and makes almost every process more efficient.

In a free consultation, we would be happy to inform you about the CONNECT application options for your company.


Numerous companies from different branches optimize their processes successfully
with ratiotec CONNECT, including:


Order something? Invoice desired? The customer presses the CONNECT ID and the responsible employee receives an info via handheld radio. Thanks to table tracking he knows immediately where he is needed.

Is the customer satisfied with the service, the cleanliness or the buffet? Give your customer a voice. With CONNECT you can be sure that the ratings come directly from your customer on site.

Check out our CONNECT Gastronomy video


CONNECT Waiting Room Management: Our intelligent pagers help you to call your patients comfortably and discreetly. In the CONNECT Dashboard you have a perfect overview of your waiting patients including waiting time.
Prevent overcrowded waiting rooms! The paging system also works beyond your practice rooms, allowing patients to spend the time in the park or in neighbouring shops.

Check out our CONNECT Healthcare video


With CONNECT, your employees are very close to the customer. Need advice? Didn’t find the right size? Open another checkout? One push of a button and an employee is on the way.

Faults in the process can be recognized directly by our sensors and passed on to colleagues via radio. This solves problems before customers even know about them.

With our CONNECT People Counting App you get exact data of the number of visitors in your store. With the help of the data obtained, you can determine your conversion rate, measure marketing campaigns and identify where there is potential for optimization.


CONNECT can be used in numerous areas and supports you in detecting problems at an early stage.

Are your employees satisfied? CONNECT measures the working atmosphere in your company daily and anonymously.

CONNECT also has applications for the cleaning management of your sanitary facilities, cold chain monitoring or the quality control of your food.

CONNECT Gastronomy

Less waiting time, higher revenue per guest/table, increased frequency, optimized personnel deployment planning – Sounds too good to be true? But it is true!

Check out our latest video and discover the possibilities CONNECT offers for restaurants.

Different business? No problem

CONNECT can be used in many areas of business. In a free initial consultation, we can find out how ratiotec CONNECT can improve performance in your company.



Whether customer satisfaction, working atmosphere or response times. CONNECT offers you extensive reporting.


You decide how your data is used. You can consolidate and publish data in the cloud.


The CONNECT infrastructure is invisible to third parties and 128 bit AES encrypted. There is no compromise on security.


Long runtimes thanks to very low energy consumption for your IoT components.

Get connected!

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